Friday, 27 January 2017

How will they vote? And why?

The issue of Labour politicians defying their leadership is interesting see here. It seems at first sight that this is a noble endeavour. After all the MP is simply following the stated aims of their electorate. So if a majority of their constituency voted to stay in Europe, they simply couldn’t vote to enact Article 50. They would not dream of going against them.

I wonder… imagine if you will, that a UK government was foolish enough to allow a referendum on the death penalty. Almost everyone says would be passed for some limited cases. Shhhh, but don’t worry, because if it were passed only for child murders or the like, within a few years it would be available for anyone who hadn’t paid their parking fines - after all that’s what happened for the abortion law. So I wonder what these same ‘liberal’ politicians would do then. Would they follow their electorate, or would they follow their party (especially if it were against the death penalty), or would they suddenly have a high doctrine of parliamentary democracy?

I suspect, old cynic that I am, that this is just a way of trying to ignore the referendum… and masking it in high sounding words.

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