Monday, 30 January 2017


Yee Haa - its cowboy time
Could it be that, like some knights of old, or a bunch of cowboys in a cloud of dust, the arrival of the SSPX into communion could be a glimmer, just a glimmer, of joy on the horizon?

Rorate Caeli has two brief reports, here and here.

Lasoo me Jesus in the rodeo of life
I would assume that they would have no truck with bizzarreness from Maltese Bishops, or weird liturgical practices. And once they have returned to the fold, and, presumably declared not to have been too affected by all that 'loose talk of excommunication costs lives' business, so that if they wander off again then there would be no talk of invalidity.

Dallas Cowboys - see what I did there?
Cowboys to football in one easy go
I wonder if the SSPX would accept transfers. I believe it happens in football. You can swap from one to the other.

Cowboy Mass - Yikes!!!
Thank would be an interesting thing, wouldn't it? If our bishops start acting like the Maltese ones and demanding that priests give communion "for their salvation or damnation" contrary to the teaching of Christ. And if we go back to the doggerel of 1970s ... etc etc etc. And suddenly there is an SSPX 'Ordinariate (?)' on offer...

New cowboy biretta, note the lack of pompom.
Real cowboys don't wear pompoms.
They just carry the word of God under their arm like a Frenchman carries a baguette...

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