Monday, 15 August 2016

Catholic Youth Weekend

I'm very pleased to publicise this, it is difficult to keep your faith and so we need all the camaraderie we can get:

Young Catholic Adult Weekend @ Douai Abbey 28st -30th Oct 2016

Are you 18-40, do you want to deepen your knowledge of the Catholic  faith, learn its devotions and meet like minded people? Young Catholic Adults are organizing a weekend at Douai Abbey in Berkshire) led by Fr. Thomas Crean O.P. You’ll be able to hear catechetical talks, learn how to sing Gregorian Chant, say the Rosary, socialize and have fun. Book soon as places are limited!

This weekend is a unique experience, which brings the Catholic faith to a new generation!

To book goto:-

For updates goto:-
For more details goto:-
Prices start from £12.

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