Friday, 18 March 2016

$$ CASH $$

On the BBC website (link here) about the American Election (so far...) there are the interesting figures of the amount of cash each of the candidates has raised.

A few caveats... it is not all of the candidates, and they get more dosh from super PACs (I do not know what they are). So it's actually more than this. Amounts in pounds sterling.

Hilary Clinton £91,671,306
Bernie Sanders £67,769,575
Ted Cruz £38,548,710
Donald Trump £17,959,319
John Kasich £6,038,793
Marco Rubio £24,379,915

Total: £251,367,618

This does not include the big fundraising campaign of Jed Bush, and the others who have dropped out. Nor those elusive PACs.

Still... two hundred and fifty million quid is a large slice of moolah. I do hope there is no moth or rust about.

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