Monday, 18 January 2016

Happy Easter

I'm always happy when stuff happens. Things happening is a joy for my soul. And stuff happened this week for the Anglican Communion. In a classic Anglican accommodation, the traditionalists stayed, naughty American liberals had a stern finger wagged at them, and everything continued as before.

Except that the Anglicans in Canada are on the point of voting for/against Same Sex 'Marriage', and the Scots are debating it soon, and lets face it, there are only so many fingers you can wag, before you run out of fingers!

But that is a bit depressing, so we also got "Archbishop Justin Welby hopes for fixed Easter date", link here. Apparently we're all up for it.

It is a bit daft that all Christians do not share the date of Easter, so far, so 'Yea!'

The different dates came, I think, from two issues. One is the change in the calendar in the 16th century onwards, Simplistically the West went all Gregorian, the East eventually went Gregorian, except the Church. The other thing is the way we calculate a full moon and the Spring Equinox.

In 1990 we proposed a resolution to this, with an astronomical way of determining the full moon, and deciding when the Spring Equinox actually was.

This would be a good thing (though not picked up yet). Not least because it keeps our links with Judaism. We have this inconvenient moving date (potentially agreed by all Christians) because we, like the Jews, in this matter follow a lunar calendar, Our links with Judaism are reinforced every year as we celebrate our central feast, the rising of Our Lord from the dead, and its intimate link with Passover.

Now, if we go down the 'fixed Sunday in April' model, at a stroke we damage the ties with Judaism. We no longer have a link with Passover, we simply have a link with Western convenience. Heaven forbid that we should inconvenience anyone!

So if we have a common Easter on the new moon after the Spring Equinox in common, excellent, but some random Sunday? Hmmmmm...

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