Thursday, 5 November 2015

Poor Guy

Today our country celebrates the burning of a Catholic. The historical situation was one of treason, but its continued celebration was one of anti-Catholicism.

I am fond of Guy Fawkes, my first dry Mass as a seminarian was a requiem for the repose of his soul. And I remember a poem I wrote in my primary school about him:

Under the clock of Big Ben
Lay Guy Fawkes and his men
With one and a half tonnes of dynamite
Guy Fawkes waited until night.

But the cellar was searched the night before
Guy Fawkes' companions watched with awe
Guy Fawkes was placed upon the rack,
They made a plan to rebel back.

Not high art, I know, but I was only nine - give me a break. Funnily though, I have remembered it for 36 years.

So today Lewis will burn an effigy of the Pope (here) to continue the anti-Catholic atmosphere. Actually I hope they do burn an effigy of him. If not, then the Pope is reconciled to the world, accepted by it, and we are no longer counter-cultural and no longer represent Christ.

Burn baby, burn.

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