Friday, 21 August 2015

The Sunset Magnificat

Fr Tim Finigan on the Hermeneutic of Continuity, asks the question why the Epistle is not chanted. He gives a warning at the end...

...there could be new chants composed, especially for the bits with lots of compassion and "mothering" images, that might make the prophet Hosea sound like a cross between the Carpenters and Dolly Parton. I disclaim all responsibility for any such consequences now or in the future, anything to the contrary notwithstanding.
This led me to remember my own time at Seminary, ahhh those happy, happy days.

At one point I was choir master and riled against some of the settings we had for various parts of the Mass and Office. And who could forget the setting of the Benedicite commonly called "Green Things". There was a line "Green things praise Him, Alleluia!" Say no more.

Well, one lazy afternoon as an essential part of my seminary formation, having binged on the above clip of a friend's DVD on loop, I decided that the Magnificat MUST, simply MUST, be set to "With one look." And so I set to work.

Another friend recently turned up the offending setting of the canticle. To my knowledge it has only ever been sung once. There is even music with it.

Herewith the words...

Sing, my soul, the praises of the Lord.
Sing, my spirit, of my saving God.
He has cast His eyes on me!
Lowly though I am, 
I will worthy be.

Age to age will call me greatly blest.
God's true love through me is manifest.
Fear Him! Holy is His name!
He will cast the proud 
from their thrones in shame.

Raising up the lowly from the earth
He will feed them, He will give them worth.
Timeless is His gen'rous deed
unto Israel's sons
unto Ab'ram's seed.

Raise your voices to the Heavenly Host.
Praise the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
One in might and majesty!
Consubstantially reigning eternally!
Amen. Amen.

Dear Fr Finigan, I am so sorry.

(Though I am inordinately proud of the line "consubstantially reigning eternally")

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