Sunday, 16 August 2015

Happy Feast Day, June

On behalf of Catholics world wide I wish a happy feast of the Assumption to June Osborne. She is the lady who is in charge of Salisbury Cathedral. You can see its Wiki entry here.

I am sure that there will be rejoicing today in the streets of Salisbury as they celebrate their patron, the Blessed Virgin Mary, under the title of the Assumption. Although the documents call the Cathedral "the Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary", they sort of forget that it is her Assumption that is being celebrated.

I eventually found a reference to it in a sermon on the Salisbury Cathedral website, but it is not front and centre. If I had a cathedral dedicated to me, and they and they made no reference to it, I'd be furious... just saying.

June, in her welcome, says "The beauty of the building and its setting is awesome. We are inheritors of the most extraordinary vision which could imagine and build something of this scale and majesty. There is so much here which makes us marvel, admiring human ingenuity and the faith which motivated it."

They are not really inheritors because to inherit, then person has to be dead. The Catholic Church, built it and an English King, Henry, took it from us. At the last sight, we are not dead, so no one can inherit it. 

Serial adulteror and wife killer, Henry
But there you go.

You can hire the Cathedral if you like (here, for funerals, weddings, art shows, concerts, lectures), so the building is being put to good use. A friend of mine, a Catholic Priest and parish priest of Salisbury at the time, asked June if he would say Mass on St Osmund's altar in the Cathedral. 

St Osmund, he couldn't ordain women
June said no, because we don't (actually can't) ordain women.

Well, we may not be able to ordain women (actually no one can) but at least today we can sing the praises of the greatest women who ever existed, and can pray to her, and put ourselves under her love and protection.

I bet Our Lady even looks down her Cathedral today in Salisbury. She now lives in heaven, and no one can inherit anything from her!

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