Saturday, 20 June 2015

Having an Art Deco day

I have always loved the clear lines and shapes of the Art Deco movement. It may be something to do with watching a lot of Agatha Christie's Poirot as a boy, which in the TV version in the UK has the most sumptuous Art Deco sets.

I eventually got round to making some altar cards in the style.

You can easily produce altar cards nowadays. You just have to use a computer publishing program, I use Publisher, and really the only difficult thing is to type in the texts and the put them as you want them. The standards of modern printers are excellent. The side cards I do are A4, and the central one I take to a colour printer shop to be blown up to A3. A colour photocopy is a couple of pounds - or take a USB and get them to print it from that. Then you just need to get them framed.

For about £80 (depending on your frames) you have a unique set of altar cards. You can also do cards prayers at the foot of the altar. All you need to do with them is laminate them.

The Chalice and Paten in the picture are my favourites. I bought them on eBay!

Go on Fathers, make yourselves some altar cards!

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