Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Gearing Up

St John Paul the Great - statue outside Notre Dame in Paris.
Although most right minded people don't want to think about it, I suppose we should be starting to pray with fervour for this upcoming Synod.

We know it is going to be a down and dirty fight. And we know that the devil and his legions will be there spreading confusion and lies, so we need to marshal our forces, We will not be there in person, but I'm sure we will be ably represented by those going on our behalf. I'm sure that they will stand by the plain meaning of the words of Christ, and not collaborate with mealy mouthed sentiments which will rip apart society, the family and ultimately the Church.

So we have our prayers to offer, and I suppose we should start there. We could add an intention to a morning offering or a night prayer. Lots of people will be doing this already. It is a reminder to myself as much as anyone else.

I am going to beg the intersession of St John Paul the Great. He had it right on the family. And I wouldn't mess with a Polish saint.

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