Monday, 15 June 2015


Please do not be put off by the title of the chapter in this book "The Defence of Religious Pluralism", that is not the defilement of which I speak, though some would argue that religious pluralism is of itself a defilement of Catholicism... but I digress.

I mean the defilement of the book! Some blighter has been through this book, and it is a LIBRARY book, and highlighted sections in green. It is not their possession and yet they have felt that they could simply go through it and deface it, defile it, besmirch it.

And they underlined rubbish bits, thus destroying a plain reading for anyone else (me included) who wants to read it.

We should hunt them down and make them wear an 'I write in library books' hat. And not in cool giving-it-to-the-establishment way.


So I must ask myself how I am going to insert the old offertory prayers into the Missal, link here. Cardinal Sarah is urging this new situation. As well as the old confiteor.  And if we have learnt anything at all from the liturgical trailblazers of the 1950s, we should not wait for 'official' approval, but put it all in the Missals now.

Of course we have all seen the corrected Missals of the 1960, huge black lines scarring the pages as crosses and words and whole sections were excised. We can't do that.

Now with new added extra bits
But we do have wonderful computers nowadays, so we could just print the relevant sections on thin paper and then place them in our new Missals in the relevant places.

That seems like a good idea, and does not involves green markers or the defilement of books.

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