Sunday, 28 June 2015

Catholics - Accepted since 1829, rejected by Google in 2015

In 1829 or so, it was no longer illegal to be a Catholic in the UK. This was a great emancipation and for the first time, officially you could be fully Catholic and fully British. Of course you can't if you're a member of the Royal Family, but that is a completely other story.

Although we know, and knew, that our Government would pass laws which were discriminatory, stupid, or downright evil, this did not touch the ability of the Catholic to identify with their Country, or even the Country to fully embrace her people.

Scotsman in a kilt
It is astounding, then, to see Google define what I am. I am British, and I am Catholic. In its advert on television Google is asked what "Britishness is". See here for the link. It is the "state or quality of being British" apparently.

Google then shows me what this means... Sitting on a deckchair... Watching Mo Farrah win at the Olympics...Ice cream vans... rugby teams... beach holidays... two Scotsmen in Kilts getting married...

He's not 'marrying' a bloke
Hang on a minute ... Two Scotsmen getting married ??? (See link at 44 seconds in). Does that mean that this is Britishness? Does Britishness mean accepting Gay Marriage? If I am Catholic, then, can I be British, in the fullest Google sense?

It is stupid of course. Google does not define who I am. But this advert is being broadcast over and over again, subconsciously entering into minds of people up and down the land.

This is Catholic Britishness
This isn't Britishness, this is nonsense. Worrying nonsense.

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