Thursday, 30 April 2015

Where's my megaphone?

I need it to lend to a certain high up clergy man so that he can shout all the way across the Atlantic Ocean. I speak of course of the need for Cardinal Nichols to give us helpful advice and his desire that priests never say anything that he does not approve of – here the fact that we should follow Christ and defend marriage (here).

It is good that we have limited spheres of influence. I am not a priest of his diocese, so though I always listen attentively to men in red, I have no need to pay him the slightest heed. Now if Bishop Lang (whose courage we have had cause to mention before, here, etc.) were to say anything, then I would immediately write to him, because he is my Bishop. However I credit Bishop Lang with a more sophisticated and diplomatic appreciation of the faith than others I could mention (he is, after all, the Minister in charge for Foreign Affairs).

So I am not entirely sure how our American cousins are going to react when Cardinal Nichols starts telling them to shut up, as he thought he could do with all the ordained in England and Wales. Link here. He will have to issue a statement, of course. Those naughty Americans! Standing up for the teaching of the Church and in solidarity with little old us! It would be wrong to give advice to those outside his diocese here in England and Wales, and not to give his advice to those in America.

So I am going to hunt around and dig out a megaphone. He could try the old Jonah trick and preach quietly, hoping that no one makes a fuss.

A megaphone to the waves should do it.

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