Friday, 17 April 2015

When I retire

My mother's pension went up 58p a month this week. So I have been wondering what will be in store for me when I retire.

We no longer have good nuns to look after us. That's not strictly true as we have the Little Sisters of the Poor who run an care home where some of our chaps go when they need care. These sisters are excellent. There is an article on them in the Bristol Post here.

Little Sisters of the Poor - they are excellent
And we do have some retirement apartments in Bath. But they are means tested by the Diocese. Hmmm.

So I need to get loads of cash. That's the answer. Then I can buy a little house for me to live in during my twilight years. (If everyone of you in Internet Land buys about 72,000 copies of my books, that should work).

I think this would be a nice retirement house
And this is the one I have in mind.

The different roof is the Chapel
You should aim high. That's what I think.

My new front door (perhaps)
This is a little Castle in Alnwick. It belongs to the Duke of Northumberland. They still live there when the tourists are not around. I think that I could happily spend my latter years sipping a pina colada on the lawn. It has a little chapel as well.

Nice place for a procession
It would be lovely for Eucharistic processions. I don't think I'd ever have enough money to spend the rest of my life in a hotel, but I might just afford a tiny little castle.

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