Tuesday, 28 April 2015


I am pleased that Pope Francis I has said that priests should not be like peacocks. Here.

I agree for  a number of reasons. Peacocks dress like that to get peahens. Catholic priests are wedded to celibacy. We do not need to prance or preen: we do not need to attract a mate.

Fancy clothes are expensive. A cassock lasts about five or six years and cost £180, and is suitable for all occasions. One pair of Hilfiger Jeans costs £100.

If you're wearing something trendy or noticeable, then it needs to be changed to keep up with the fashions. A cassock has been trendy for about 500 years. Down with modish clothes, down with fashion shirts!

Damn these peacock men with their swanky clothes!
We should always be clean and presentable, so Fathers clean of that egg from your sleeve, but that's about it. What we wear for ourselves should be sober and unremarkable, so that what we wear for God at the altar of His Son's sacrifice should shine forth in resplendent majesty. When we are alter Christus at the Holy Mass, then we are the Pavo Christatus, reflecting the all-seeing nature of God and the immortality of the soul.

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