Monday, 13 April 2015

From Emmanuel Pillet

This is the final postcard I have of Chavagnes and like the one below, this one has a message on it, and it is much more specific. It is from Emmanuel Pillet and was sent to M. and Mme. Pierre Friou, Rue des Torts, Sartrouville (Seine et Oise). We, of course, have no idea what happened to Emmanuel. It is just about possible that he is still alive. I will say a Mass for him.

Chavagnes le 1e octobre 1933

Mes chers Counsins ma chère Counsine
Merci de votre aimable letter qui m’a bien fait plaisir. Je vous répond un petit mot, car je n’ai pas le temps. Je suis entré le Séminaire le 26 septembre, J’espère que vous vous portez tous très bien. J’ai reçu une letter de Maman, toute la famille se parte bien. Il ne faudra pas vous étonner si vous ne recevez pas souvent de mes nouvelles, car je n’ai pas beaucoups de temps. En vancances je vous écrirez plus longuement. Je vous quitte tous en vous embrassant de tout cœur.
Votre cousin qui vous aime et qui ne vous oublie pas. Emmanuel Pillet.

My rough translation...

Chavagnes, 1st October 1933

My dear cousins [a number of male cousins and one female cousin]
Thank you so much for your lovely letter, which made me very happy. I will only send you a little note, because I do not have much time. I came to the Seminary [not place for training Priests, but one stage before, for educating boys] on the 26th of September. I hope that you are all very well. I got a letter from my mother, and all the family are fine. You will not be too surprised if you don't hear from me [my news] too often, because I will not have much time. During the holidays, I will write to you all much more. So I will take my leave of you, embracing you with all my heart.
Your cousin, who loves you and who does not forget you. Emmanuel Pillet.

I find this little postcard to be so lovely. 
I shall remember Emmanuel Pillet. Say a prayer for him.

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