Monday, 13 April 2015

Chavagnes Chapel revisited

Chavagnes chapel circa 1959
In this post card we can see the collegiate style pews on either side of the chapel, and in the distance the high altar. The following picture shows it much more clearly.

Chavagnes chapel circa 1933
I will put up also a picture of the altar at the moment:

Chavagnes chapel circa 2011
We can see that the gradine has gone and that the throne and stone tabernacle have been removed (needless to say before the school moved in). In 1933 there was also a hanging tabernacle lamp, three steps to the altar and proper seats at either side of the altar, which were presumably removed when the sanctuary was remodeled.

A close up of the hanging tabernacle lamp - now lost.
All told, however, it has survived very well. But then again, how terrible that we can say that a church and an altar 'survived' catholic iconoclastic vandals.

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