Sunday, 26 April 2015

A Guilty Secret

BBC Sunday programme. I do not know how to add a link so click on the one below.
Listening to "Sunday" on the BBC this morning (link here), I heard a delightful piece about whether or not voters are going to take their religious views into the ballot box with them. You can hear it here. It is 14 minutes and 50 seconds in.

The wonderful thing was the first woman who describes herself as a "Christian" and who then explains why she is going to vote Ukip. She does so eloquently and from an unreservedly Christian standpoint.

I have to admit that I was quite shocked. Not, I hasten to add that I was shocked that she was voting Ukip, but rather that she admitted it!

If you do not follow the UK election, then look it all up, you can see the parties online. Conservatives here, Labour here, Ukip here, Liberal Democrats here, Greens here, Scottish Nationalists here, Plaid, Cymru here, etc. I have not included the Northern Irish parties, but there is a link here.

The interesting thing is that in May 2014 a little over 27% of the public voted for Ukip in the European elections, and yet it is eschewed not only by the political class, but also by the hierarchy of the Catholic Church in England and Wales. The Bishops latest "how to vote document" is cleverly constructed so as not to support one or other party, but remember the just over a year ago, in the self same European elections, the spokesman for the Bishops of England and Wales (reported here in the Tablet) said

I am not at all convinced that the policies that Ukip are proposing are the best things for the poor and underprivileged... and of the EU... I honestly believe we should be members of the EU. I just don’t see what the alternative is for a country like the UK.
Their collected Graces and Lordships
Please let me make it clear that I am not publicly supporting or endorsing Ukip. Their policy on restricting Child Benefit is a straight attack on the theology of Catholic families. I am just saying that I was caught short when a Christian publicly endorsed Ukip on the radio. I know of many Catholics who will be supporting all of the various political parties, including Ukip, but the latter is always mentioned sotto voce, secretly, when they know that they will be not be judged (presumably by Bishops disguised as trees or postmen or the like).

Rather like enjoying an occasional cigarette or having a cream cake day, has voting Ukip become a guilty secret?

They used to say that the Church of England was the Conservative Party at prayer, well we could add to that, that Labour is the Catholic Bishops dispensing Earl Grey tea on the picket line. But Ukip... what would the Bishops say??!!!

You see, there was something so straight forward about that young woman on the radio...

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