Monday, 2 February 2015

Saying goodbye to the Crib

Today is the end of the Christmas period, so it is time to say goodbye, farewell, to the Rowe Family Crib.

The poor angels are exhausted form singing Gloria continually (I assume in heaven they do it in a supernatural way, here on earth they have to make the air vibrate, and that must be tiring).

This year saw the arrival of a rather natty camel to carry the Kings. There is only one camel (I cannot persuade my mum to knit another one - "Never again, I've thrown the pattern away. It was a nightmare" apparently).

As it is now Septuagesima (cue the weird liturgical moment of banishing the All**#!a only to have it proclaimed in the New Mass!) our eyes turn to the purifying season of Lent.

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