Thursday, 26 February 2015

Me a cowboy

Eh, gringo! Me a cowboy, me a cowboy, me a MEXICAN cowboy!

Pope Benedict, ee likes ze Mexicans!

Thees new Pope, ee no like us, eh? Whot we gonnna do? Eez no good!

Enough of this terrible stereotyping, I feel justified in it simply because it is an ironic comment, and, apparently you can do ANYTHING if it is ironic, and even more if it is social comment.

Poor Pope Francis says something in a "strictly private and informal" email, to avoid Mexicanisation, and then suddenly it gets reported everywhere. And then VIS have to try to reinterpret it (here), and say that there was no offence meant.

St John Paul II, ee likes ze Mexicans too!
Now I'm sure that no offence was actually meant. But as someone once said "If you live by the sword, you die by the sword". The problem is that if you live on the oxygen of publicity, then whenever anything is publicity worthy, then it will be reported. I'm afraid it is just one of those things.

This is completely the WRONG hat!
And if I remember correctly, wasn't one of the things that hurt Pope Benedict XVI so much that he could not rely on those around his to protect him? Well, Pope Francis, welcome to the club...

How is he supposed to protect you, when he's shaking your hand?
Remember to shake the hand of your surgeon when he's taking out your appendix.
And please, now is not the time to annoy the Swiss guards, not with Mexican Banditos on you case!

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