Tuesday, 20 January 2015

They must not have heard

Bishop Declan Lang, the Minister for Foreign Affairs for the Bishops of England and Wales
Not sure why he's wearing a pectoral diamond 
of my award to Bishop Lang, of being Lion of Judah First Class (see here for the award details).

The Israeli border guards seem to have blocked a bunch of Bishops going into Gaza to pray with the Christian community there. Link to the story here.

Bishop Lang said

Being held up for eight hours at the Erez crossing was difficult and disappointing as we were unable to celebrate Mass with the people in the Holy Family parish in Gaza. It did, at the same time, give us a small insight into the experiences of the few Gazans who are allowed to come in and out of Gaza.
I wonder if they would have been so easily turned away if they were in full regalia in a series of black Mercedes!

Still... it's pretty bad form. And for a Lion of Judah as well...

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