Sunday, 11 January 2015

She is too Many!

The altar of the Descent of the Holy Ghost
St Anastasia, Verona 
I remember when I was in seminary that we were told that you should not have more than one image of any saint in a Church. The clear meaning was actually that you should have as few images as possible, be they pictures, paintings, statues or any other manner of other thing.

So I wonder how my old professor would have dealt with this rather beautiful side altar in the Church of Saint Anastasia in Verona? I'm often not content with only one depiction of Pentecost... so why not have two? One on top of the other as it were?

Of course what should happen is that one of them should be whitewashed. That would solve the problem.

ANOTHER depiction of the Blessed Virgin Mary!
So you could imagine my consternation when I spotted this statue of the virgin IN THE SAME CHURCH! Well I was almost beside myself... then this...

Though this one does have knights paying homage and I suppose that is a good thing. But she's every where!

But have these people never heard of these directives? Obviously not because there was precious little whitewashed simplicity about the place at all.

Sheesh, how people manage in these places I shall never know.

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