Thursday, 22 January 2015

I have seen the ring

Fr Michael Brown, at Gateshead Revisited, has a piece about Holy Island, here. Wonderfully a resident calls Lindisfarne a 'secular place'. You can see how secular it is in the history of the place here.

Fr Brown goes on to say

 I`ve always thought if we were serious about our heritage the Catholics would by now have built a great baroque basilica to house relics of the Northumbrian saints such as St Cuthbert`s ring ( last heard of at Ushaw).
 I have seen the ring, and seen it quite recently! So it is still there at Ushaw. I'm not one for inflammatory comments, but what we need to do, in my humble opinion, is to raise up a basilica not only for the ring, but to get in touch with the Abbot President of the EBC and get the true relics of St Cuthbert, and then storm the Galilee chapel in Durham Cathedral to get my very own Venerable Bones back.

I can see it all... I'm designing banners as we speak.

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