Sunday, 14 December 2014

Which Gaudete?

There comes a time in every priest's life when he must decide which Gaudete vestment he is going to wear. The one above has the advantage of being somewhat 'rose' and has featured in such posts as this and this. In the first one, for some inexplicable reason (I suspect jealousy) Darius is giggling. Yes, giggling.

But I also have this rose vestment. As you can see it is less in your face rose, though there are embroidered roses on it,

I know that there are roses on it because I embroidered them. And should anyone doubt the ability of a chaplain abroad to do such things, I refer the honourable gentlemen (and ladies) to the Angel, (here), and Altar Cloths (here and here).

My goodness that is a fantastic name for a pub. "I'm off for a quick pint to the Angel and Altar Cloth".

And just for good measure it even has a rather nice appareled amice in velvet.

Someone asked me this morning if I only wore the 'neck thing' in the winter. Not such a bad idea as it turns out.

Anyway... My reticence in wearing the second vestment is that for many years it has been traduced, criticised and slandered by a priest of my diocese (ahhhh, yes, we know who you are!) who has claimed that this is in fact not a rose vestment at all, but is actually brown.

Brown, I know! What nonsense, what idiocy, what not-appreciatingness! It is a delicate gold. An old beautiful gold, highlighted by dusky pink velvet and subtly embroidered roses.


Anyway, with that out of my system. I  did what any self respecting chantry priest would do and wore both. Not one on top of the other, but one at the Ordinary Form Mass and the other at the Latin Mass.

When it comes to vestments, it should never be either/or, it should always be both/and!

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