Sunday, 7 December 2014

Chantry Priests join me!

Dear Chantry Priests, (for there must be more than just me out there) email me so we can get together and form a union. For lo! it shall be the "Union of Chantry Priests" (UCP). It is the right thing to do, I'm sure. We could picket against liturgical abuses and campaign for the wearing of more black vestments. We could have workshops for making requiem altar cards. Links here, here, here.

Fear ye the Chantry Priest - for he yields the sword of justice!
I have come across another Chantry priest website, but they are based in Walsingham and are Anglican. As the point of a Chantry Priest is to offer Mass and to offer Mass for the dead at that, these Walsingham lot fail for a few obvious reasons!

Friends of the Suffering Souls
If you want Masses said for the Dead I recommend the Friends of the Suffering Souls, or ask your local Catholic Priest. Link to FOSS here.

And lo, there came into the land a new force, a tide of figures, enrobed in black.  
All the people fled in fear before them, each to their lay-led worship service, for they had seen no such thing for many an age.  
And the souls in purgatory cried out in one voice "pray for us, ye chantry priests, intercede to ease our suffering, offer ye the Masses which of old were sung for our souls!"
And the Chantry Priests fulfilled their mission, and sang to the Glory of God.
They poured the graces of the Bloodless Sacrifice of Christ into Purgatory.
And the people remembered the glories of the faith, and turned back to God and gained salvation.
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