Thursday, 4 December 2014

Chantry Priest

For I am a Chantry Priest, ha, ha 
For I am a Chantry Priest!

The more observant among you will have noticed that my description of myself (apart from the personal one of debonair and dashingly good looking) has changed to "Private Chaplain: Chantry Priest".

Previously it was Private Chaplain, but then I realised, mirabile dictu, that not only am I a Private Chaplain, which I most undoubtedly am, but also that I am a Chantry Priest.

Henry VIII - fond of killing wives and adultery
Chantry Priests are (please note the tense) Priests who are employed (?) to sing Mass for the response of the soul of founders of chapels. Of course there were lots more of these in times gone by, until that serial adulterer and wife killer Henry VIII wanted a bit of cash and closed them.

Well this is what I do. I say/sing a certain number of Masses a year for the living and dead of the family here. It is not just for the living but is a foundation for the dead, I am not just a private chaplain!

I chant. I am a Chantry Priest!

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