Tuesday, 30 December 2014


and Oxen have been much in my mind over this Christmas period. This is not why I have been silent over Christmas, but because my broadband width had been reached and I had to wait for the new lot to kick in.*

I have always had a great fondness for the animals in the stable, including the elephant (link here). And they were so moved by the birth of their creator that they stood still and gazed in wonder at the marvelous thing that had been given to the world. I suppose that I had always assumed that they had been given their vision of God at that moment and that was it.

I was a bit bemused that Our Pope had declared that all animals would go to heaven. It would be nice for the ox and ass, of course. And the elephant. And the Christmas bear (see here). If the shepherds had nits it would have been nice for them too. The head lice that is... and the shepherds.

But then I heard that he hadn't said it (here), So the Christmas bear is crying tears of mulled wine, and the ox and ass have started to low again. And the elephant? Well I've always thought that elephants go straight to heaven anyway.

It's a confusing old world at times.

* There, of course, has been much speculation as to whether this was one of the reasons why the Kings arrived late to the manger. We now take for granted that there are Apps for looking at the stars and being able to pinpoint exactly where we are. It could have been that the Kings had reached their celestial limit and had to wait for the next month to begin. Or perhaps they went to see Herod because Herod did not use BT and so they could use his wifi.

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