Monday, 1 December 2014

Advent Crib

The beginning of Advent sees the arrival of the Advent Crib. Well one of them anyway. The knitted one is coming soon... perhaps when the Great Os start.

Of course we follow the proper crib tradition and do not put in the Baby Jesus until the proper time. But the result is that Our Lady and Saint Joseph seem to be peering into the hay with great attention and love.

I remember that there used to be a life size Crib in Hebburn where I used to live. To be honest I would never have put anything on the streets of Hebburn and expect it to be there the next day. But the Crib (safely behind perspex) was always fine and left alone. And to my memory Baby Jesus was there from the beginning.

Hebburn Metro Station - the Crib is not here.
But it is a great, modern way for the Kings to arrive.
This, I believe is conclusive proof that the presence of Jesus keeps you safe.

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