Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Tools of the Trade

With the coming of the month of November and the intensified prayers for the dead that the month brings about, there comes about the dusting down of the requiem things. If the day is a clear day, and the intention is for the repose of a soul, then I try to make sure that I say a proper Mass in black. And with that comes the things for the dead.

Some years ago I made some requiem altar cards. It is actually quite easy to do with computers and the like, and all else that was needed was a fine black pen, and a bit of time.

As you can see the main theme is skeletons. I was going through a danse macabre phase.

Of course you can easily use ‘normal’ altar cards, but the requiem ones mean that you never forget, for one moment, that this Holy Mass is particular.

Remember to pray for the dead.

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