Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Remember your instructions

I was sadly unable to attend Fr Kevin Knox-Lecky's requiem, but there is an account on the Clifton Latin Mass Society's web site, link here.

One of the important things to learn from this is not only to remember always to pray for the dead, but also to get your affairs in order.

Fr Kevin had clearly stated that he wanted his funeral to be in accord with the 1962 Latin Rites, and that is what he received, a sung Requiem Mass, attended in choir by the vast numbers of the Priests of my diocese and assisted by many, many of Christ's lay faithful. My Bishop, Declan Lang, attended, again in choir, and preached before the obsequies.

Bishop Declan Lang
If this can be done for a Priest, then it can be done for all of you. It is your right to have the rite of your choosing. I have, I fear, heard too often that "Fr couldn't do it, or get anyone in because you're all so busy". This is not true. There are Priests in every diocese who can say the old rites, and if not, then get on touch with the LMS of such like. It can be arranged.

And if a Bishop will do it for one of his sons, what Bishop or Priest could stand in the way of the funeral rites of the Children of God?

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