Friday, 10 October 2014

Listen to my voice

The church of Our Lady in Copenhagen. Now Lutheran, once Catholic.
When the Bishop of Copenhagen borrowed (sic) it for confirmations, he was forced to say Mass ad orientem.
Recently in Denmark, I went to some of the Lutheran churches and found them quite extraordinary. they were much more elaborate than I would have expected, but protestantism takes many forms.

The seating arrangement in one of the benches, rather similar to a train carriage.
Of note was the very strange seating arrangement. It seemed that in certain pews there were two benches facing each other. Now when I'm in Church I often wish I could put up my feet, so as to participate more fully in the homily, but here? In this Lutheran stronghold?

The answer is even better. The sanctuary is at the front of the Church, but the pulpit is in the middle. You could never be so rude as to have your back to the preacher, and so at homily time, you decamp to the other bench, so that the minister can eyeball you and remind you that time here is short and you'd better mend your ways!

I think we should insist on multiple pew benches, from now on.
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