Thursday, 23 October 2014

Books, books, books

I am disobeying my postman. One of the lovely things about living in the countryside is that you get to know your postman. And jolly friendly they are too. My postman just told me to unplug my internet connection. This is not because he is a BT engineer in disguise, but because he just delivered a book which I had bought over the internet, but which, if I am brutally honest, I had forgotten about.

So I am disobeying this thoroughly nice chap, and will have to deal with the temptation, the oh so sweet temptation, to buy books.

This is a downside of being back in university... there are books around every corner! I even stood in front of a foreign language section in the library and looked at the spines. It was not even in western script... but they looked so lovely. So comforting. So good for you.

Imagine, then, my horror when I saw the following at the Theology Faculty in Durham...

...a book used only to prop open a window! Oh horror and sacrilege! How could such a thing happen, and happen in a place of learning, just yards away from where lie the bones of Holy St Bede the Venerable (cruelly appropriated at the so-called reformation).

This poor book, innocently doing nothing, just waiting to be opened and pour its wisdom into the waiting eye of the reader (hmmmm, pouring things into eyes sounds a bit odd to me). And then just to be subverted and deformed into being a window-keeping-open-device.

Well, let me tell you that I was most discomforted.

I just hope that it was a copy of "Synods - how to subvert them and use them for your own nefarious practices" by a certain German Cardinal!

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