Saturday, 27 September 2014

Monday's Mass

Den Hellige Messe

i den ekstraordinære form af den romerske ritus. 
Fejres på festen for den hellige Ærkeengel Michael
Den 29. september kl. 18:00 i Jesu Hjerte Kirke, Thorsgade 22, 8900 Randers
Med efterfølgende reception i Jesu Hjertes sognelokale.
This is from the site of Saint Canute (link here) which promotes the traditional liturgy in Denmark. Thanks to them I am here in Copenhagen where I will sing Holy Mass in the morning, and in Randers where I will sing it on Monday in honour of St Michael.
(By the way I can post this not because of the wonderfulness of any broad band packages, but because I seem to have got into the Jesuits of Copenhagen computer system! Gosh.)

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