Sunday, 31 August 2014


I am no longer unemployed. Hurrah! Much as I love Cash in the Attic, and Floggit a priest can have enough. And enough I have had.

Rather famously Our Lord sent labourers out into the harvest, and I shall be harvest ready again. But you cannot go out if there is nothing to do... and so sadly I am leaving Clifton Diocese for the next few years (though still remaining incardinated). If there is no work for a priest, then there is no work for him. So I  have followed Lord Tebbit's advice and get on my bike.

I will be the private chaplain to a family in Great Swinburne in Northumberland near Hexham. They say a parish is like one big family, well for me that will be literally true! I am now "A Private Chaplain Abroad" - thank goodness I do not have to change the name of the blog! At the same time I hope to be doing a PhD at Durham in Old Testament Covenantal theology and Catholic Ecclesiology.

I will be moving in the next few week. A whole new exciting chapter begins!

A Chaplain Abroad, abroad, again!!!

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