Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Croix des Vents

Croix des Vents 
For the last few days I have ben visiting the FSSP school of Croix des Vents, you can see thier school website here.

The Cloister
It is not the first time that I had been there, as Chavagnes had played them at Rugby some years ago. I remember being very impressed by a priest refereeing a match, completely caked in mud. See here, and here.

The High Altar
I had forgotten just quite how wonderful the building is, I quite like the style of 1930s, 1940s France. It is made of concrete, which is exceedingly useful for a school, and French building regulations.

Side Altars
The glass in the chapel is not quite to my taste, but it is of a piece, and is striking. The FSSP have done wonders really. It used to be the Diocesan Seminary, designed for over a hundred... but we know what has happened to vocations.

No matter what, the place remains a school!
A very pleasant few days.
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