Monday, 28 July 2014

Guard of Honour

When a visiting prelate comes, there is only one thing to do, and that is to give him an honour guard.

When Mgr Castet comes to us he puts up with a lot of things that are not found in rural France, such as polyphony, boys genuflecting before him (one the correct knee of course) and now honour guards. I tried to explain to him what was going to happen, but I honestly think that the simply thought "Poor Father, his French really is not as good as he thinks!" Well, HA!

I have, to say that he played the part very well. as we progressed, he had a word to say for all of our guards. He even expressed his views on Scottish independence. I will not break the Bishop's confidence and tell the world of his views. Let is just be said that I had to stifle a coughing fit!

Rather more impressive is the fact that we got through the whole thing and did not slice his episcopal nose off. Although we are a school known for our fencing prowess, it would have been simply ghastly if the final day of term had ended with the Bishop having to be rushed to accident and emergency.

Everyone survived. 

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