Saturday, 19 July 2014

Altar Cloths

On going to Chavagnes there were a certain number of aesthetic things I really wanted to do. One was to put halos around the saints on the front of the altar. For some reason they had been removed. This was done, see here.

Another was to put a backing to the statue of our Lady. Also mission accomplished, here.

The third was to get altar cloths that reached to the floor on either side of the altar. This is no mean feat when your altar is quite so large. So I decided that the answer was extensions. And if you are going to put extensions onto altar cloths (and why for goodness sake would you not?) then you may as well embroider the school coat of arms onto them at the same time.

You can see in the first picture marking out the arms in pencil onto a piece of white material, and then beginning to fill it in. My embroidery is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but from a distance it is not too bad, and as the altar is sideways on, only I and the altar servers would see it!
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