Monday, 21 July 2014

Altar Cloths 2

The work was not too bad it has to be said, just that it took quite a long time. And of course you never really know how something is going to turn out until the last minute.

The arms looked a little wonky but, that just tells you that they are home made and not shop bought! I use the same excuse when baking anything. "I burnt that side on purpose so that you would not think that I had bought it from Marks and Spencer!"

I think they are too delightful! We should have these things in our churches - things which are specifically for us and not mass produced. I'm lucky I suppose that I can just do them, to a greater or lesser degree of skill, but there are always people out there who can produce good stuff.

And I do think that it shows that we are actually bothered about our faith. I cannot think of the number of hours I spent making these things. Nor the bloodied fingers (there are still traces of the DNA of my blood on the altar cloths - so now they are a first class relic - you have been told). Nor the time when, almost at the end of the whole damned thing, I spilled a glass of red wine over the cloth (Saint Vanish - pray for us. My goodness that stuff is magnificent. Magnificent !!!!!) But I wanted to do it. Adorning the altar of God is important. I want Him to be present in the most wonderful place possible.

But look at them. They're great! And how many schools have their own coat of arms on their altar cloths? Not many I can tell you!
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