Wednesday, 13 November 2013

You know you're in france when... cause havoc because of charcoal. Let me explain.

Boys have a wonderful ability to telling you things after the fact. So I should not have been suprised to be told on Saturday that we had run out of charcoal for the thurible.

Hmmm, not too useful when the one Diocesan shop is closed on a Saturday and I would need some for Sunday. So what to do? I decided to go to the parish Church and beg some.

I approached the nice lady sacristan and explained in my most grovelling voice that I (being a stupid Englishman) had run out of charcoal and what with Sunday coming up and all...

She looked at me quizzically and asked "My goodness, you have a funeral on a Sunday?" Because, of course, what other purpose would you use charcoal and thus incense, for on a Sunday but for a funeral! I explained that we used incense every Sunday (adding "at Mass" just in case she thought I was constantly burying people on the Lord's Day).

She looked at me disapprovingly.

So that was when I realised that I was in France, when the only possible reason I could possibly have for burning incense on a Sunday was to bury someone!

But it became even more and more bizarre...
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