Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Feeling Generous?

From the Chavagnes Facebook page (you do not have to be a member to view the page) link HERE

The worship of God at the heart of a Catholic school

Chavagnes International College, founded in 2002, in the heart of the Vendée, France, is an English-speaking Catholic boarding school for boys, loyal to the magisterium of the Catholic Church, with the liturgy at his heart.
  • Daily Mass for the whole school community
  • Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, Benediction, Rosary ...
  • Training in Latin, Gregorian chant and sacred polyphony
  • A solid, all-round academic formation
  • Daily sport, regular cultural events (debates, plays, concerts)
But Chavagnes is first and foremost a Catholic community, with the worship of God at its heart. Its choir helps to make our liturgical worship a beautiful and uplifting experience, for the greater glory of God, and for the salvation of souls.
Click on the GALLERY tab above and you can hear some of our singing. We hope you like it.

Cassocks, Keyboards and Carols!

Help us equip our Choir with what they need ...

To help our choirboys in their liturgical apostolate, we need your help to buy them what they need to do their job well. It will be a great Christmas gift:
  • 20 new cassocks and surplices (up til now we have been relying on hand-me-downs, and we don't have enough of them for our new members.
  • 10 electronic keyboard for music theory classes
  • New musical scores
  • A sound system for our specialised choir classroom

Give an artist the right tools and he will do great things

We want to say "thank-you" to our choristers, to their Choirmaster and to our organist  for their devotion and hard work and make sure that singing God's praises continues to be a pleasure for them. With your help you will be participating in their apostolate. This is what they do:
  • Singing Gregorian chant and hymnody daily at Mass.
  • Solemn Sung Mass on Saturdays, Sundays and Feasts.
  • Bearing witness to our faith by giving concerts in France, the UK and around the world (so far our choir has visited parishes in France, the UK, Sweden and Italy, including a trip to Rome last year.)
  • Giving the young an experience of the best of our Christian culture in Sacred Music.

Partnership of Prayer

You can help us by donating to our campaign, by spreading the word to your friends and by supporting us with your fervent prayers. Let's be partners in prayer!  Our chaplain, Masters and boys, pray regularly for all our benefactors.
Why not get in touch with us and come and join us at Holy Mass? You are welcome.
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