Thursday, 19 September 2013

Fr Blake

Fr Blake at Fr Ray Blakes Blog, has been traduced recently. You can see it all on his blog.

Even in the new age of electronic media there have to be standards. You cannot go around twisting a man's words and just expect to get away with it.

No, wait, you can. By the time something has been uttered and entered into the 'no smoke without fire' part of the world's consciousness, then it is all too late.

I do not know any priest, least of all Fr Blake, who would have said such uncharitable things about the poor. Our faith is too littered with cautionary tales for that.

St Edward the confessor was riding to a ceremony at a chapel dedicated to St John the Evangelist in Essex when a beggar asked for alms. Edward had no money with him so he took off his ring and handed it to the poor man instead. 
A few years later two English pilgrims were travelling through the Holy Land and became stranded. They were helped by an old man who told them he was St John the Evangelist.He was carrying the ring Edward had given to the beggar some years previously. He asked the pilgrims to return it to the king telling him that in six months he would meet St John in heaven.

We do not know who may be disguised as the poor, and we act accordingly. 

"Uttering all kinds of calumny on account of my name" springs to mind. All strength and prayers to Fr Blake.

The poor we will have always with us... the Lord was silent about the continuation of journalists.
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