Sunday, 2 June 2013

Want any Latin?

The Darlek, the age old enemy of Dr Who
probably doesn't like Latin
Prompted by this post on Collar and Tie (link here) I have been thinking about my own practice in College.

What we have is this:

Sunday: New rite Latin, readings in English.
Monday: Private Mass
Tuesday: New rite English
Wednesday: New rite Latin, readings in English.
Thursday: New rite Latin, readings in English.
Friday: Ancient rite, Low Mass
Saturday: Ancient rite, Missa cantata

Needless to say on the days when there is a new rite Mass, I say a private Mass in the Ancient rite.

So my reflection is this... The new rite when I say it is said facing east, totally in Latin (except the readings) always full Roman Canon, communion administered by me, with the boys etc kneeling and receiving on the tongue.

This is what I consider normal. And the new rite being what it is, there must be singing. Let me repeat that, there must be singing. We sing the kyrie, the Sanctus, the memorial acclamation (in Latin of course) and the Agnus Dei. They are the simple settings, but they are there.

Again, this is what I consider normal. So let me swing forward a bit to the fateful date when I enter a parish again. If the new rite is said (and it will be I suppose), then it will be eastward facing, in Latin (except the readings), Roman Canon, with the strongest, strongest, repeated pleading with the people to receive communion on the tongue and kneeling. Oh and there will be singing at every Mass - in Latin.

Calvin and Hobbes reaction to those who are shocked by the increased use of Latin 
Now I know that this takes a minimum of forty minutes (I know this as a fact because this is what I do twice a week). I like Church and being in Church, but what about the good people of the parish? Well if I believe that the people must be given what is right and not necessarily what they want, and that further this liturgy (if you have to do the new rite) should be celebrated in the way described, then how is this going to go down?

Not well I suspect.

Bishops of England Wales: I can't imagine much support for the New Rite in Latin here.
Not supported by Bishops and fellow priests (that much goes without saying... sadly), but also not supported by the people. The nonsense told to us, that the people want the new rite is not true. As Collar and Tie points out quite correctly, they do not want the new rite under any ciurcumstances, they want the "Mac-New Rite" with all the effort of eating taken out of it.

MacDonald's - food with no challenge
The great thing about a MacDonald's burger is that you can eat the whole thing without having to chew. The great thing about "Mac-New Rite" is that there is nothing challenging about it.

A few comforting ditties that you half remember from your childhood, lots of nice words (lots of them) that wash over you, smiling Father and it doesn't go on too long.

This is not the new rite as I celebrate it. Nor as I intend to celebrate it.

It is not a question of whether you want Latin or not, because you are going to get it, no, the question is whether you want the New Rite at all.

The Ancient Rite is much much more user friendly. If you don't believe me then listen to 40 boys. Go on... when was the last time you had forty boys in your congregation that you could ask?

Normal boys - with sensible taste.
They prefer Friday and Saturday, Low Mass and Missa Cantata.

Interesting that.
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