Monday, 3 June 2013

Temple Meads

This early morning moody picture of Bristol Temple Meads train station is quite fine. 

On my way here this morning (early morning!) I saw a number of bill boards of new developments in this part of Bristol. The majority of them are still glass and steel structures which I remember as being new and exciting when I was a boy, some twenty or thirty years ago. 

I used to wonder why architecture had not moved on, but I suppose that these Victorian gems like Temple Meads were being built for decades as well. The good remains while the mediocre gets redeveloped. 

I wonder if the new stuff will inspire in centuries to come. I hope so, because it has moved away from the post war sixties practical functionalism urban planning to something which seems to want to point beyond itself. Even if it does it in glass and steel. 

There are many train stations which would not inspire me to take their photograph at four in the morning!
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