Sunday, 12 May 2013


Mr Leach (games master) trying to referee warring factions
It does not take much in the life of our school to bring about competative spirit. Indeed as I write I have just come back from our 'little walk' (something of a route march today) where there was a flaming row going on about the fact the red doesn't occur as often in nature as green does.

Hockey - or death?
I know it's all a bit obtuse until you realise that Red is the colour of Rochejaquelein and green the colour of Cathelineau, two of our houses. If one could claim that God Himself prefered their house colour, well the battle would almost be won. With God on you side...

Why does God hate the colour red?
So the inter-house hockey match was always going to be fraught with dangers. Divide boys into houses and then give them weapons.

Use a boy as a flag day
But no one died. No one was even greviously injured. There was a serious amount of shouting and words were said and dark curses muttered that will reverberate through the corridors of history. But on the whole it was fine!
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