Wednesday, 6 March 2013

A Queen with Down's Syndrome

There is much in the newspapers that Princess Kate may have let slip that the royal child may be a girl! You can see a report here in Reuters.

Now I'm not too bothered about the sex of the child, though it is interesting that if the law is changed then be it boy or girl then it would be our future monarch. The reason for this is equality.

[Please: do not at this moment become incandescent with rage at the wilful blindness of politicians saying that it is against equality that a first born girl cannot be monarch, if a boy comes after, but it's perfectly alright that they can't be Catholic.]
But wouldn't it be wonderful if the child that Princess Kate is carrying has Down's Syndrome. I used to live in a L'Arche community with people with learning difficulties and there was a wonderful chap there called Philip who had Down's (devoted to the Queen he was too). He would have been an excellent King.

It's hard writing this to not offend anyone, and I mean no offence at all, I just find it interesting to think what would happen if our future Monarch was in some way differently abled? The days of shoving people off into an asylum or a far distant palace are far off. This would be true equality. After all, what does a constitutional monarch do? Think about it for a while... it's perfectly sensible.

Of course as we know equality only goes so far. Princess Kate could have her baby killed on the way to the hospital if the poor mite had Down's. Equality does not stretch to ten minutes before birth. We all have equal rights, just so long as you manage to get out of your mother's womb alive. Over 90% of babies in the womb with Down's are killed.
It's hard looking into the eyes of someone (like my friend Philip, now dead, God rest him) and telling them that if their mother had found out that they were as they are, that she could have had him injected in the head and killed.

So if the little one, be he boy or be she girl, then the nation will rejoice. But let's hope to God that if she does have Down's that no one finds out, we don't want another case of infanticide on our hands.
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