Monday, 11 February 2013

The Resignation

This has been quite a shock for the whole world. But there you go. He is Pope and the Supreme Legislator. He, within reason, can do what he wants.

The funny thing is that last week during one of my religion classes, the boys asked me this very question "what would happen if the pope resigned?"

The answer of course is that no one really knew. That he would have to promulgate law to allow it and then we would see.

So that is it. That is what he has done and we will get on with it. Of course there are implications, but we now must see it as an opportunity for the Holy Spirit to continue to guide the Church. We received the Holy Father that we needed. We will receive another.

We do not know what brought him to this. Perhaps it was the inside view of what happened as Blessed John Paul II grew weaker and weaker and this is his way to try to stop the jostling of divisions and parties in the Church. Perhaps... we do not know.

He did it with prayer. And so we will pray for him.

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