Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Church Suffering

"The Church Suffering exists in Purgatory. It is composed of souls who are staying in Purgatory, waiting to be  liberated. We people on earth, part of the Church Militant are aiding them by our prayers. They are being purified for the sins they have committed on earth. They cannot help themselves because souls are out of time and they cannot go to confession, they cannot pray for themselves. There are lots of ways to pray for them, for example in November in our College, Chavagnes International College masses said by our dear chaplain are for the dead. It is a good time to pray for the dead of our families and friends."

"The Church Suffering is the Church being purified for the sins they have committed. They do not live in time, they have no body, just their souls are suffering, but they need to be prayed for and the Church Militant has to remember to pray for them and those we can help. To do that we can make our own prayers or making a Mass for the dead. We need to pray for them because they might have been part of our family or the Church. The Church Triumphant prays for them too. They pray that their punishment may seem short for them and that they go to heaven."

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