Thursday, 14 February 2013

Fasting Boys

It is always a tricky thing to try to explain the Church's teachings to anyone and I have to admit that it was with a certain trepidation that I approached Ash Wednesday.

The chef had already been spoken to...

... morning break was without cake. Lunch was soup and bread. Afternoon tea was without cake and supper was plain pasta with oil. And no eating between meals.

Oh and I also had them banned from going to the 8 a huit to buy food.

There is nothing so horrifying to a boy than to tell him that he cannot eat what he wants. But I manfully entered into the fray, and said that it was the teaching of the Church and that it was obligatory, and that they had to do it, and how they could offer it up.

And I must say that the day after the fact I am so proud of them. They did not find it easy - not physically of course, but psychologically - but they did it. There was no moaning at meals, and they all did it with such great grace.

It is simply true that if you ask things of them that they will rise to the task. You do not have to dumb down the Church's truth, just ask them to do it.

Happy Lent.
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