Tuesday, 12 February 2013

A boy's view

The boys' reaction to pope Benedict's démission has been interesting. I first had to assure them a number of times that this did not mean that the Pope was dead , but that he was retiring. Of course they diid not really know what that meant - do any of us really. They asked wonderful boy-like questions "will he still wear white", "will he still be called Pope". Actually both good questions as they point to deep questions.

But the boys have a deep love for Blessed John Paul II and they really did not understand why His Holiness would retire because he was getting old, when Pope John Paul did not. I explained of course.

Of course they picked up the skittishness of the masters and as the new day has dawned and the masters are calmer, so are the boys.

They still have a firm belief that I am in with a chance (if I am Pope then I cannot set them maths homework) - so call Paddy Power, the boys think I'm a dead cert!
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