Tuesday, 15 January 2013


The indoctrination of the young is a delicate thing. It must be carried out carefully, from step to step so that they have a whole system of belief.

Doesn't that sound chilling? But get over it. We all indoctrinate the young. Of course it matters what standpoint it is, but we cannot deny that this is what we are doing in many many spheres of life.

Television indoctrinates them. Of course they will learn that such things are not 'real' and that they may take a stand against them - or define themselves against them in later life, but indoctrination is present.

Of course we can say that it is not indoctrination but could use a more neutral term ... say, 'influence'. I think that is fine as long as you could then say that you did not want to push an agenda, that you did not want to shape or form the minds of the young through the 'influnce' that they were experiencing. It is all indoctrination.

But that is manifestly not the case, from Blue Peter telling us that it is a good thing to help the poor around the globe, or that it is a bad thing that a vicar will not marry a couple of lesbians in Coronation Street.

So far I have said nothing about influence or indoctrination, well nothing about the content of it, I have merely said that it occurs all the time from all sources: families, schools, media, friends etc., etc., etc.

I want to think about indoctrination in the next few days. It is very important.
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